Friday, 8 September 2017

Making YOU Money 09/09/2017

Aortech                3K
BSP                      3K
Rurelec                 1K
Pathfinder             1K
Ncondezi               2K
Arian                     1K

  Of Disappointment is the disappearance of BSP in the portfolio this week . Let`s hope that $20 million euro deal goes through as promised .

  That aside Aortech is looking ultra positive and with Eddie ( former director) adding to his tally .    Plus all the good news still anticipated , the £1 looks very achievable . Before Yuletide .

  The bottom pairing have slight positive momentum . But , anything could happen over the next few weeks . So All remain firmly ensconced until further orders .

  The Bull market is still Intact despite gold break from $1300 .

Best of Luck All


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