Sunday, 27 August 2017

Just for Steve 27/08/17

Apologies to Steve . If you will note , I used the suffix Metro Baltic 2 .
This was describing Aortech International , as a similar case to Metro Baltic Horizons .

No news will come from Ronan and the Board until Christmas time and the accounts issue update.

Apologies again for any error in this mistaken identity .


Both Aortech & Metro Baltic should see us Ok in the long run .



Update oncoming in November

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  1. Thanks bbr391- lets hope we get the 5 Euro cents divi shortly (as promised in the 12/15 report) but it looks like they want to tidy up the final matters first--

    The settlement terms are the subject of confidentiality but the Board is happy to inform you that
    during 2017 the Company intends to make a further and possibly final distribution. It should be of
    the order of €0.05 per share. This may be in the form of share buy-back or distribution and we
    may offer Euro and GBP alternatives. There will therefore be no requirement for a grey market.

    Best wishes. Steve