Saturday, 16 June 2018

Aortech Breakout approach 16/06/2018

   Aortech          4K
   Pathfinder      2K
   Tomco            2K
   Accrol            1K
   Rurelec          1K
   BSP                3K
   CHL               1K
   IIP                  1K

    After the share Issue at Aortech .Things should hopefully move up towards the £1 mark by Christmas 2019 . This company has a brave future if Mr Brown has his way .
Biomerics continues to be acquisitive , a good sign from Our Sister .
    The waiting game for success from several others goes On .
Although Accrol & Tomco look engaging .

 Most dramatic or most profitable ?

There have been many . I suppose most dramatic goes to Sareum ( which we all mistakenly thought had discovered the cancer holy grail ). Ten bags in a week is a lot .

Most profitable Magellan Petroleum reformed as Tellurian , twenty bags over six months .

The latter I was skilful enough to hold for over two years and profit from , the former I came out even .

The story continues …

Wondering whom Jack’s saviour from Cattles was .

III seems to be pretty good for comparisons to other shares which is very handy .
That aside It is taking time to begin to like the new .
At my age , ie above 50 change comes very tardily ..
One notes , one or two others will struggle more than I . That will be sorted given time one feels.

Aortech ..Accrol ...Tomco & Pathfinder are all Intent on year highs .
The former could be a game changer for One . If Elasteon is the wonder material we assume .

Best of All 

Friday, 8 June 2018

Aortech International New Money 2018

   Aortech          4K
   Pathfinder      2K
   Tomco            1K
   Accrol            1K
   Rurelec          1K
   BSP                3K
   CHL               1K
   IIP                  1K

    After the share Issue at Aortech .Things should hopefully move up towards the £1 mark by Christmas 2019 . This company has a brave future if Mr Brown has his way .
    The waiting game for success from several others goes On .


Saturday, 2 June 2018

Enova Systems Included 02/06/2018

As usual hitting the nail on the head remains elusive .
But , given time and a belief in your theorisations , profit is maintained and solidified .
We are still looking as the end of the year to be bear territory . Although those waiting for a 2008 repeat may well have to wait until 2034.

Aortech remains Our main project , especially the skin graft Idea .Cheap and huge possibilities .
Rurelec , latest remains Under The Earl`s spell . Will Morris ever drive us to safety . Time will tell .
Tomco . Could be in game changer mode .
Others retain Interest " just " . Enova Systems Included .


Saturday, 26 May 2018

At Odds With the World ?

Feeling at odds with the world ?
It`s a condition we all encourage at moments to ponder . We have all been there , albeit transitory , much like life Itself .
The marvel is that looking forward to the next step / personal goal that is just around the corner .
Nature or nurture . It`s all a ruddy mystery .
And then becomes history .

History Itself repeats ;

Looking like 2019 is our Bear moment

Making YOU Money 26/05/2018

   Aortech          3K
   Tomco            2K
   Accrol            1K
   Rurelec          1K
   Pathfinder      1K
   BSP                3K
   CHL               1K
   IIP                  1K

Life at Rex Bionics "GREAT".
Best wishes to Mancunian Dave , now getting settled into life oop north & of course Akwasi working like a machine for IT .
 Plus Yiangos whom despite it all remains aloof.


Friday, 25 May 2018

Rex Bionics is still "Alive & Kicking". 25/05/2018

CONFIDENTIAL Update for Rex Bionics PLC SHareholders May 8, 2018 Rex Bionics continues to make strides towards our market development activities in the key countries of the US, UK, AU and NZ as well as working towards the launch of REX in China. The company also continues to work toward a next product design that incorporates more of the specific needs of in patient rehab in stroke. In the US we have continued to make progress on our target list of customers identified to aid in market development, and have recently received approval for extended clinical demonstrations at Columbia University and Mt Sinai Hospital in New York. We are awaiting approval at the Bronx VA. We have also completed product demos at other sites that will likely result in orders. Once devices are in these centers we plan to develop a clinical trial in stroke patients using the knowledge of these experts in designing and carrying out that clinical trial. In Australia we have been making good progress in the AIN clinical trial, the HELEN Project. We have also made progress with NeuroMoves in Sydney and are looking to future collaborations with them on clinical research that we hope to get grants to fund. We have multiple demonstrations set up and have just completed a big training round and have another one scheduled for June. In the UK we have been making great progress on RAPPER III, our multiple sclerosis clinical trials in East Kent with Dr. Mo Sakel. The data from the first phase was very encouraging and we hope to have final ethics committee approval for the next phase, RAPPER IV, in late May and enrolling patients in June. The paper from the first phase is being finalized and submitted for publication and has been submitted to ACRM for presentation in the fall. We have also finalized the final clinical paper for submission from the RAPPER II study. Again the results are very favorable and we are excited to get the paper published. We are very excited about the progress we are making with the Chinese FDA towards approval of REX in China. We had a panel meeting in October and received questions at the beginning of the year that are in the process of being finalized. We hope to have the final approval by the 3rd quarter and will begin commercialization at that point. We see the Chinese opportunity for the current REX as one of the most important opportunities for us and are focusing resources on that. We have also continued to make progress on the new product development. Working with McLaren we are coming up towards the end of the concept development phase and are spending time evaluating the concept as we make decisions on moving forward the design with our internal team supported by outside expertise provided by McLaren and others. We are excited about the quality of the thinking and work that has gone into the process that will result in a great next product for the company. To support those effort the company has hired a new VP of Research and Development and Manufacturing who will start at the beginning of June. This person has deep medical device development experience and will be very helpful in guiding the team in New Zealand to success on the new product development. We continue our efforts to constantly improve the company’s overall processes and procedures and are working towards meeting new regulatory standards that have been introduced that we must meet with the current product. The team is working diligently on these alongside meeting the requirements for CFDA, all of which continues to make Rex a stronger company and stronger future competitor in the field.
Regards, Chuck

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Rurelec , will Peter Prevail ?

Yes , is the simple answer .
As to most of Rurelec`s projects being on the   IPC website .
One can garner one`s own conclusion .
I feel about 8p would be a fair takeover pricing .
Our BOD may be wise to aim for more . If they ever stumble on the Arbitration fund win .
Thus far they seem determined to hide in obscurity .
The again with a name like Morris , this is hardly surprising .

   Best of All

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Aortech International . 2018 & Beyond

Biomerics and ATL Technology today announced they launched a joint venture to acquire Catheter Research, including its assets in Indianapolis and Costa Rica.
Catheter Research Inc manufactures interventional catheters, tube sets and other assemblies for medical devices, the companies said. The company has specific expertise in tube extrusion, catheter assembly and final FDA product packaging for sterilization, and also sells its own catheter line under the brand Thomas Medical.
“Through the addition of CRI, we are in a position to serve the medical device industry at an even higher level. This expansion of our global network offers numerous benefits to both national and international OEMs. Now, combining ATLs connector know-how with CRI’s catheter capabilities, we will make optimal use of our expertise and specialties relating to catheters and custom engineering in delivering a best-in-class product,” ATL CEO Brad Brown said in a prepared statement.
The companies said that existing employees at both of CRI’s facilities will work closely with ATL and Biomerics during integration, and that there are plans to expand CRI’s Costa Rica operations.
“This acquisition is consistent with Biomerics’ overall strategy to expand and invest in additional production and engineering capabilities to develop a global competitive advantage. CRI’s products and technology complement our current portfolio in the medical space and will broaden our product offering for suppliers around the world,” Biomerics CEO Travis Sessions said in a press release.

                                                                                                                   May 2018
We have the opportunity of putting past issues behind us and building on the core IP within the business. As part of this "fresh start", I am delighted to welcome Stockdale Securities as our new Nominated Adviser and broker and look forward to working with them to help AorTech reach its true potential.

Bill Brown, Chairman                                                                                                      11 December 2017
bbr391   20/05/2018

As far as we can determine Biomerics is now worth north of £35 million . Of which at least 10% can be ascribed to Aortech Or £1 per share and not today`s 50p .
There is also the little matter of the court case victory ( possibly £2million cash ).
 OR possible £2 per share

That said It is possible that a new way forward has been found by Bill & the team possible £5 - £20
It`s good to have a pipe dream for Elasteon ...................................

Friday, 18 May 2018

18/05/2018 Tomco comes good at long last

   Aortech          4K
   Tomco            2K
   Accrol            1K
   Carpetright     1K
   Rurelec          1K
   Pathfinder      1K
   BSP                3K
   CHL               1K
   IIP                  1K

 Many thanks to Tomco`s upswing we have added to the portfolio .
Also craw played a part .
And we have  diversified our shares " again ".

Now we need Bill & Biomerics to come good for us .

   Best of Luck All


Friday, 11 May 2018

Keeping up with Yiangos 12/05/2018

   Aortech       2K
   Tomco         2K
   Hvivo          1K
   Craw           1K
   BSP             3K
   CHL            1K
   IIP               1K

  Extremely disappointed we have missed the move in Arian . But Crawshaw has almost made up for the despondency .
  One or two other Irons seem to be sizzling gently off market , especially Churchill mining .
One hopes for good gains ahead on the above list .Especially Aortech & Tomco .

     Have a great weekend All bbr391

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Yiangos 28/04/2018

Today we have Nine Investments  ;  In order of Import

3 Aortech
3 Black Sea
2 Tomco
1 Crawshaw
1 Hvivo
1 Infra India
1 Premaitha
1 Clear Leisure
1 Avanti

 As we expect the market to continue the bullish behaviour for a few years yet , dips aside.
Gold remains a good buy and forget until retirement .
Oil , now at $70 is a little more difficult to predict . I shall assume that it should stabilise at $70-80 which gives most Oilers reasonable profit .
As you can see , we have kept to Our under ten target and remain within the 33% level . Bbr391 rules is rules .
Next time be sure to pick from the top or near the top of the pile .
Best of Luck Son .

     Gold or Silver / bbr391

Friday, 20 April 2018

Making YOU Money 21/04/2018

Well . well as usual the search for quick results have bought us quick disaster re Argos Therapeutics .
A costly mistake that will drop Our seasonal goal back to a lower level .
Hope remains at Aortech International & Others ;

  Aortech      4K
  BSP            3K
  Accrol        2K
  Tomco        1K
   PVG          1K
  Crawshaw  1K 

Plus Our Off market shares , still under negotiations .

The market fluctuations have still not ended .
Oil may be getting a little dizzy at $80 .
Gold the best place for novices still rangebound , may be less savoury . But the best place for the Ultra long termer writes bbr391.

    Have a great week All