Saturday, 20 May 2017

Spitfire Oil 20/05/2017

This week has been notable by a good rise in the value of Spitfire Oil .
One of our few portfolio minnows. I luckily added more at 5p ( circa ,the original buy price) . Having held since 2015 .
Strangely It is one of few shares that is still under cash value ,somewhat of an AIM rarity .there are very few  others.
I expect the rise to 20p in the next few months ,then drop to 10p aka Sheerwater/ Aurum. Reverse takeover expected etc . Even a merger into Griffin is possible .Mladen Ninkov obviously has plans.

The rest of the portfolio ;
Rex Bionics
Clear Leisure

One or two others including ENVS ,which seems to be finally waking up  & rising.

The market bull run continues unabated.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Making YOU Money ( & Yiangos).14/05/2017

Aortech & Its dribble towards 10p & below has knocked Our portfolio value back to the 10K mark .
Perhaps Our moment will be soon . One day the court case may be settled .
As for Our other shares little seems to be occurring .
The list in ascending order ;
           Black Sea Property
           Rex Bionics

Plus some others mainly off market .

The upward trend in the market continues and hunker down time is approaching us slowly in the medium term .

And May


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Making YOU Money 14/04/2017

  A quiet has descended on the peripherals of the portfolio . Asides a little dip in the value of Rurelec ( to be expected before good news descends ).
  Aortech still remains the elephant in the room . Even above Black Sea Property ,which has also run out of upside , until the end of May expected Investment completion . With a few of Our sidelined shares giving decent news ie Churchill Mining . One can look ahead with a certain amount of Optimism .

    Aortech 4K
    BSP       3K
    Rurelec  2K
    Tree       1K
    Arian     1K
    Path       1K

 Plus Other small Invests ; Spitfire ,Clear Sapo & Rex .
Plus a few still Off -piste ............Awaiting Clarification .

 The Market bull run is still in operation . Although Our anticipation of a quick sharp decline next year remains .Yes , we have kept a close eye on the nascent rise in LIBOR , even without Broker interference .
All Our expectations seem to be coming to fruition .

    And May


Saturday, 1 April 2017

Church of Hope ? The Churchill Mining saga April Fools Indeed

Disappointment in striking out ,their words not mine.
This has been a stitch up for Investors by ICSID and our own legals .Mr Quinlivan and his team have a lot to answer for .Obviously they were all shorting this share .
As Investors we have no choice ..... But to bite the bullet of dismal failure .
One thing for sure . It almost beggars belief that no-one thought to take pictures of the Regent or Mr Noor whilst they were all happy signing all the leases .
Perhaps a lesson for all current Miners .


As It seems the Church of drama continues as our inefficient Board seem to think they have a chance against the might of ICSID . There is now a 3% chance shareholders will see some return on their Investment ,if the annulment is accepted.


Avanti & Rex Bionics have been small adds to the portfolio .
Aortech Rurelec & Black Sea Property remain Our Big Guns .
Have a great week .

And May

Monday, 27 March 2017

Aortech International ( Keeping It Simple ) . Yiangos

We recommend this share for you as a good hold and buy for the long term ( ie five years) .
Today`s huge increase bodes well .
Someone has bought an awful lot of shares ( regard OPTI change of company 2014 ) .
Aortech is perhaps turning into a new company OR / AND a settlement of the court case with the old Manager ( whom apprehended Our Wherwithals ) . ie the King had no clothes.
But , may well have visited Superdry today .
Of course , all shares are very very risky .This is no different. Even OPTI has risk .

Here is your original post repeated ;

From December 2016

   How to utilise £1000 Investment.
My recommendation is Aortech International for now.
This is a long term share that will hopefully pay huge and my main Investment .
Others of note are Magellan Petroleum hitting nicely upwards at present .
Cambium Global Timber Fund ,well priced &
Pathfinder Minerals another very dodgy , but hopefully lucrative Investment.

The coming months will be fun as usual .

Remember we have attained a £8K + portfolio ,from the humble beginnings of -10K .
It has taken since 2009 to come to this point .
Caution and clever Investing will keep us entertained and amused .Albeit sporadically .

Good luck

And May

By the way your Brothers pick will do very well .
I will be following his advice at the appropriate price when I have funds available.
Also IIP today , best buy ..................
12.5K nice .....................

See you Sooney


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Making YOU Money 26/03/17

  Not a great week for Us as the current Aortech price continues to abate with some pace . Although not much happening besides .
  We have added a small portion in Avanti to the list which has grown to 10 shares .


  Having dropped back to 11K is a tad disappointing . But next week is a fresh start and news due from all of the above may be a driving force that delights or causes more frustration . Even Our few unquoted shares seem to have hit still waters for the moment . Let`s hope the fireworks change in Our favour in the coming months . Best of luck All .

     And May

Arbitration & Legal Scandals 2017

Oxus Gold

   Richard Shead and his colleague Oliver Prior , have much to answer for to all shareholders . As it seems clear Uzbekistan is now running one of our old mines in flagrante of any rule of law .
   Calunius Capital seem to have jumped ship in lieu of Gretton .
In administration at present and the case seems to be ongoing .Why are the shareholders not being offered some sort of role in this long drawn out re hash of a law case, that was so abysmally partially lost by Our current Board .

Churchill Mining

  David Quinlivan and his team have played a blinder for Indonesia , or was it the ISCID panel of judges ? This mystery of a conclusion only leads one to believe that there is no justice achievable for Investors . Autopen is legal everywhere except at ICSID it seems .


  How have the Hirandani`s managed to pull off this brazen robbery of shareholders money . Another Investors legal team that should be hanging their heads in shame .

Led International Holdings Limited & Other filthy forty

  It seems Chinese companies are given licence by Aim to just run away with all monies shareholders have invested . Aim governance Board seem to have a lot in common with the above mentioned bad legal teams and Boards . Incompetence seems to be very common when it comes to running a legal case for Investors , and the issue seems to be spreading .

 And May

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Clear Leisure Plc Updated 18/03/2017

It`s been a long road , until it seems Mr Gardin & our fresh faced new board .At last seems to have us on the road to recouping some value for these expensive assets .

  Sold Anitak              E 900,00
          Ascend Capital E 60,000

Up for sale

          Mediapolis                       E 18,000,000
          Sipiem                              E   6,000,000
          Geosim                             E      200,000
          ORH Spa                          E  6,000,000
          So Sushi /You Can           E  4,000,000
          Bibop                                E  2,000,000

Current valuation  Estimate                      E 36,200,000 or £ 31,347,000.
OR 1100% Upside

Less debt of approximately £16.35 millon in Bonds
Company actual valuation of £15 million .
OR 550% Upside Net ............

Of course, some of these assets are court cases and the valuations are ascribed to what one would expect from a court case reasonable best case outcome .
From sweating on loan note holders to having the Banks invest is quite a step forward .
Well done thus far Mr Gardin & Co .

                    And May


The last placing by Eurofingest gave a valuation on the company of £5.5 million . That almost guarantees £11 million  Actual value for shareholders .

This is getting very interesting .How can Eurofingest invest more without actually owning more ?
One can only assume it will be a total renegotiation of the loan with some sort of options attached OR an actual sale of one of the companies within the portfolio direct to Eurofingest
We all await with bated breath for Francesco to pull the Cat out of the bag & for more of the cash from the nice Eurofingest People .

Good luck All

£11+ million estimate remains in tact .Currently £2.5 million.
That`s 3.2p per share , give or take .
Movement back to the 0.8 & above bodes well that the news ,one day . Will be very very good.

The wait continues........

And May

Making YOU Money 18/03/17

All in all an Interesting week . New shares re-added to the portfolio . Now up to 9 ;


Second string

This will provide us with more entertainment going forward and of course a good diversity of minnows is essential .Admittedly some of these are under 1K .A state I hope to rectify as time proceeds.

The market continues it`s merry way upwards .Still many undervalued shares available .
Keeping beady eyes on Libor # .Seems to be pointing to the medium plunge coming in about the year 2019/2020 .
Of course Our next real dilemma is 2034 .

I presume I am one year away from getting some cash into gold .
As we are now beholden to Bank borrowings no more .
La vie est belle .

Of all the shares Aortech ,which we hope to come good in time has been a costly hold . Roughly 50% down .Though the news of the legal case will affect conclusively either way in May 2017 .

Making profit is tough .Losing it is no problem .

And May

Friday, 10 March 2017

Herencia Resources " Making your own luck".

  A huge slice of luck that I had my beady eye on this one for quite a while . Due to a myriad of reasons . Debt holders happiness and share price movement both spotted and advantage Us .
Valued today at £4 million , one now hopes that above £12 million is probable and not just possible.
The market rarely gets it wrong .
Herencia has enabled an extra Investment in Agriterra . Which has similar characteristics .
The rest of the portfolio remains becalmed at the 12K level .
Major disappointment is Aortech which we will keep adding to Our now 40% underwater tally .Belief in the story remains solid and news should be around May time . Thus It may trend even lower than the current 14p ,buy price .
 A Bad week for the markets in general . But the uptrend remains in full force .
 The amazing 8 ;

"BSP is on a different exchange" ,with some others.

   And May

Friday, 3 March 2017

Making YOU Money 04/03/17

As usual we keep you updated with the latest phenomenon that is another large increase in value of the portfolio . This time due to a huge increase in the value of Black Sea Property plc . Our long term hold is beginning to pay handsomely . Yes,I didn`t tell you to sell down your share here Michael .I still have 250,000 of these shares .Quoted on the ISDX / NEX Exchange.
  Trinity Exploration continues it`s charge upwards albeit steadily towards the year end target of 36p .
  News in Pathfinder Minerals and the upswing maintained .With luck Our Henry has this one under his wing and the mine will be refunded to us poor Investors as Nick and the team promised .
  The dullards in the portfolio remain as described .
One has six shares on the Aim Markets .
Two in the US ,OTC Market
Four going through stasis / Administaration .
One on the Nex/Isdx

I see no reason for the Market not to continue the Bull run . Especially with Mr Cut Taxes in Office.
Gold also should maintain and increase ,along with Oil .

   Good luck

   And May

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Making YOU Money 25/02/17

The List :

Aortech International
Trinity Exploration
Cambium Global Timber
Pathfinder Minerals

Good news as Pathfinder & Cambium have broken upwards and momentum should carry them forward to higher prices in the short to medium term .
Main excitement would be a possible resolution at Pathfinder 's permit in Mozambique .
Cambium we await what value the trees were sold for with eager anticipation .
Trinity will continue it`s re-rating path to above 30p .Price of oil permitting.
Rurelec should serve us well ,whence the great news continues .
Tomco & of course Aortech , both troubled  . But , hope remains .

The market remains in an uptrend .
Gold also & Oil .

2034 is on the horizon . Keep 'em peeled .
Our first mini correction  is due in 2019 . Corrections are about 10% .By my own definition .

Of course my timing has been within the two year time scale thus far . Not bad for a beginner whom first Invested in April 2009 .

This 25 year bull run , Has like any story twists and turns on the way . Always keep your portfolio as diversified as possible . As I get closer to that 20K target and my first large Investment in gold . We continue to utilise just undervalued small cap stocks .There are still quite a few our there .

  And May you Path be filled with Joy