Saturday, 30 September 2017

Disappointment , despair & despondency

The Arian Silver results were & are a slap in the face for shareholders .
Why the BOD have not drilled the Salars deeper is anyone`s guess . Usual share price movements will see this share gradually continue it`s slide towards 0p .
Unfortunately , as an Optimist and a believer in the acreage I shall have to sit & hold whilst nursing the current losses made .

Ncondezi Energy on the other hand has done us pretty well in the last few weeks moving up from 3 to 5p levels . This momentum that began at about 1.5p will continue , given appropriate funding.

As for the rest of Our portfolio , little of Interest has occurred .
Tremors  in All have been mild and not devastating . Pathfinder Minerals has been promoted to favourite as to first for Great News .

Aortech will follow and we continue to build a strong stake in the Elasteon/ Biomerics  story

  Have a great weekend


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