Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hisham Osman . A Recommendation 23/07/2017

  Cancer can be an end or a beginning . Thanks to Hisham Osman  & his team , my partner in crime now has a good chance for the latter . Albeit a work in progress .
  Having been taken through from the original diagnoses to the current point ( cancer free ). One can only admire the dedication of nurses and surgeons at Frimley Trust .
Being  a Nurse , my partner can be a somewhat obdurate patient at times .That remains a work under construction . Now having become one breast free  ,decisions remain to be finalised for the future , thank goodness she has a brightened future thanks to Mr Osman et Al .

  The Saga ;

    1 .A visit to the Head of Department Mr Laidlaw was informative And the bolt from the blue , lymph nodes and the Big C . Albeit the lettter had subtle clues.

     2  Lumpectomy : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team

     3 Mastectomy  : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team

     4 Draining & Recovery ( ongoing)  : All being performed by Hisham Osman & Team .

 Firstly a mention for a mention for the Under rated  personable anaesthesia specialists . Whom performed more than  admirably during the both  operations .

 Finally , Mr Osman whom has maintained warmth and friendliness , throughout the whole process .
His skill and willingness to listen should  be a quality , all doctors should & can aspire too .


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