Saturday, 5 August 2017

Making YOU Money 05/08/2017

 Well It`s been a dreary time for my own personal shares . The Del Amitri song applies to the last few weeks / months .

Aortech                2K
Rurelec                1K
Pathfinder            1K
Clear Leisure       1K
Ncondezi              2K
Arian                    1K

    A positive note has been the continued case of Churchill Mining . This week`s pledge news has been Interesting to say the least , and that the Investors here seem to be Intent on getting some return for their money.  Which In my mind would only be fair for all  . Anything above money back at this point , would be a good result .
  Disappointingly little news from Ronan at Metro Baltic , maybe one day the payout will come .

  Until that day we have to sit and wait for our next uptick .Will it ever come ? Come on Mr Reid , Kenny can`t be that elusive !

  I have read through my 2034 estimate posts and still have confidence that the market is still on it`s upward trajectory . Albeit the expected large bump should be with us soon .
Do not be fooled by the Doomster euphoria in still a long long way off . Book values are still well within bounds and Libor rates , although above 1% for the one month have reached nowhere near troublesome level alert time . Hold them shares .

 Best of Luck with All your decisions .


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