Saturday, 15 July 2017

Making YOU Money 15/07/2017

Well the last month has thrown up little surprises thus far . The trend upward continues unabated ,if somewhat sedate .
Most welcome return of Black Sea Property to the portfolio , at 3K an extremely large miss .
Today`s list ;
  BSP 3K
  Pathfinder 2K
  Aortech 1.5K
  Rurelec 1K
  Clear Leisure 1K
  Reabold & NCCL 1K
  + Unlisted Others

We have been unfortunate enough to miss the current UKOG rise , cash constraints apply .
But , the current upswing especially in Pathfinder gives mammoth hope . Ditto yet another small tick up in Aortech and a new Investor in James Ede Golightly ( Interesting ) .
With BSP we are hoping the money raise concludes successfully , time will reveal .
If you have cash adding Herencia at .035 - .04 may prove lucrative in the short term . As with NCCL which looks to have broken the 3p spell and be heading for a sharp re-rate .

On a personal note the last few months have been Ultra tough & We are hoping for good news and a return to tranquillity very very soon . Everything double crossed for a good result for My Own Personal Angel .


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