Saturday, 18 March 2017

Making YOU Money 18/03/17

All in all an Interesting week . New shares re-added to the portfolio . Now up to 9 ;


Second string

This will provide us with more entertainment going forward and of course a good diversity of minnows is essential .Admittedly some of these are under 1K .A state I hope to rectify as time proceeds.

The market continues it`s merry way upwards .Still many undervalued shares available .
Keeping beady eyes on Libor # .Seems to be pointing to the medium plunge coming in about the year 2019/2020 .
Of course Our next real dilemma is 2034 .

I presume I am one year away from getting some cash into gold .
As we are now beholden to Bank borrowings no more .
La vie est belle .

Of all the shares Aortech ,which we hope to come good in time has been a costly hold . Roughly 50% down .Though the news of the legal case will affect conclusively either way in May 2017 .

Making profit is tough .Losing it is no problem .

And May

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