Friday, 10 March 2017

Herencia Resources " Making your own luck".

  A huge slice of luck that I had my beady eye on this one for quite a while . Due to a myriad of reasons . Debt holders happiness and share price movement both spotted and advantage Us .
Valued today at £4 million , one now hopes that above £12 million is probable and not just possible.
The market rarely gets it wrong .
Herencia has enabled an extra Investment in Agriterra . Which has similar characteristics .
The rest of the portfolio remains becalmed at the 12K level .
Major disappointment is Aortech which we will keep adding to Our now 40% underwater tally .Belief in the story remains solid and news should be around May time . Thus It may trend even lower than the current 14p ,buy price .
 A Bad week for the markets in general . But the uptrend remains in full force .
 The amazing 8 ;

"BSP is on a different exchange" ,with some others.

   And May

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