Saturday, 18 March 2017

Clear Leisure Plc Updated 18/03/2017

It`s been a long road , until it seems Mr Gardin & our fresh faced new board .At last seems to have us on the road to recouping some value for these expensive assets .

  Sold Anitak              E 900,00
          Ascend Capital E 60,000

Up for sale

          Mediapolis                       E 18,000,000
          Sipiem                              E   6,000,000
          Geosim                             E      200,000
          ORH Spa                          E  6,000,000
          So Sushi /You Can           E  4,000,000
          Bibop                                E  2,000,000

Current valuation  Estimate                      E 36,200,000 or £ 31,347,000.
OR 1100% Upside

Less debt of approximately £16.35 millon in Bonds
Company actual valuation of £15 million .
OR 550% Upside Net ............

Of course, some of these assets are court cases and the valuations are ascribed to what one would expect from a court case reasonable best case outcome .
From sweating on loan note holders to having the Banks invest is quite a step forward .
Well done thus far Mr Gardin & Co .

                    And May


The last placing by Eurofingest gave a valuation on the company of £5.5 million . That almost guarantees £11 million  Actual value for shareholders .

This is getting very interesting .How can Eurofingest invest more without actually owning more ?
One can only assume it will be a total renegotiation of the loan with some sort of options attached OR an actual sale of one of the companies within the portfolio direct to Eurofingest
We all await with bated breath for Francesco to pull the Cat out of the bag & for more of the cash from the nice Eurofingest People .

Good luck All

£11+ million estimate remains in tact .Currently £2.5 million.
That`s 3.2p per share , give or take .
Movement back to the 0.8 & above bodes well that the news ,one day . Will be very very good.

The wait continues........

And May

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