Friday, 3 March 2017

Making YOU Money 04/03/17

As usual we keep you updated with the latest phenomenon that is another large increase in value of the portfolio . This time due to a huge increase in the value of Black Sea Property plc . Our long term hold is beginning to pay handsomely . Yes,I didn`t tell you to sell down your share here Michael .I still have 250,000 of these shares .Quoted on the ISDX / NEX Exchange.
  Trinity Exploration continues it`s charge upwards albeit steadily towards the year end target of 36p .
  News in Pathfinder Minerals and the upswing maintained .With luck Our Henry has this one under his wing and the mine will be refunded to us poor Investors as Nick and the team promised .
  The dullards in the portfolio remain as described .
One has six shares on the Aim Markets .
Two in the US ,OTC Market
Four going through stasis / Administaration .
One on the Nex/Isdx

I see no reason for the Market not to continue the Bull run . Especially with Mr Cut Taxes in Office.
Gold also should maintain and increase ,along with Oil .

   Good luck

   And May

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