Saturday, 25 February 2017

Making YOU Money 25/02/17

The List :

Aortech International
Trinity Exploration
Cambium Global Timber
Pathfinder Minerals

Good news as Pathfinder & Cambium have broken upwards and momentum should carry them forward to higher prices in the short to medium term .
Main excitement would be a possible resolution at Pathfinder 's permit in Mozambique .
Cambium we await what value the trees were sold for with eager anticipation .
Trinity will continue it`s re-rating path to above 30p .Price of oil permitting.
Rurelec should serve us well ,whence the great news continues .
Tomco & of course Aortech , both troubled  . But , hope remains .

The market remains in an uptrend .
Gold also & Oil .

2034 is on the horizon . Keep 'em peeled .
Our first mini correction  is due in 2019 . Corrections are about 10% .By my own definition .

Of course my timing has been within the two year time scale thus far . Not bad for a beginner whom first Invested in April 2009 .

This 25 year bull run , Has like any story twists and turns on the way . Always keep your portfolio as diversified as possible . As I get closer to that 20K target and my first large Investment in gold . We continue to utilise just undervalued small cap stocks .There are still quite a few our there .

  And May you Path be filled with Joy

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