Sunday, 26 March 2017

Arbitration & Legal Scandals 2017

Oxus Gold

   Richard Shead and his colleague Oliver Prior , have much to answer for to all shareholders . As it seems clear Uzbekistan is now running one of our old mines in flagrante of any rule of law .
   Calunius Capital seem to have jumped ship in lieu of Gretton .
In administration at present and the case seems to be ongoing .Why are the shareholders not being offered some sort of role in this long drawn out re hash of a law case, that was so abysmally partially lost by Our current Board .

Churchill Mining

  David Quinlivan and his team have played a blinder for Indonesia , or was it the ISCID panel of judges ? This mystery of a conclusion only leads one to believe that there is no justice achievable for Investors . Autopen is legal everywhere except at ICSID it seems .


  How have the Hirandani`s managed to pull off this brazen robbery of shareholders money . Another Investors legal team that should be hanging their heads in shame .

Led International Holdings Limited & Other filthy forty

  It seems Chinese companies are given licence by Aim to just run away with all monies shareholders have invested . Aim governance Board seem to have a lot in common with the above mentioned bad legal teams and Boards . Incompetence seems to be very common when it comes to running a legal case for Investors , and the issue seems to be spreading .

 And May

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