Friday, 17 February 2017

Trumpet with Brexit

  Congratulations to both teams that seemed to have learned that people are persuaded by disinformation & don`t get us started on the papers and their curved bananas . As the value of  the newspapers is disappearing into a sea of googality & twittery .
  Will the people ever learn ? Probably not . Suffice to say the truth is out there . Whether Joe Public can be bothered by it or not . "The System stinks " my Dad used to say, and he has been proved correct time and time again .Until that  day . The norm will provide large business with more and more control of Our daily lives ,the biggest question is ," How far will they Intrude ? "

  And May

 As for the portfolio ,we have managed to not trade for many days and it remains at just above the 10K figure .Good news for all is hopefully on the nearby horizon .
Noted movement in Black Sea Property .
The heading for 2034 post remains the historical goal post we hope to avoid bumping into .
Until that date and time , up she trundles.

  Jolly good show.

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