Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fiddling whilst Rome Burns Mr Investor ?

As anticipated the race up to 2400 continues .
Gold stabilises and some around $1100 .
Oil $50 and the return to $70 is expected .

As usual we have traded and probably cost ourselves a little bit of extra cash .Still the target of 20K is still on the far far distant horizon .
That portfolio .
Aortech 2k
Pathfinder 1.5k
Pal 1k
Kodal 1k
Sapo 1k
Bonanza 1k
Muppet 1k

We are awaiting the huge news on the top two .Which seems to be an eternal wait .
PAL is evidently in breakout mode ,without news.
Kodal is all dependent on actual news
SAPO , will provide a nice 7.25p divvy at the eom
The others are oil based and are now  uptrending slowly.

       And May

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