Friday, 13 January 2017

Making YOU money 14/01/2017

At long last the portfolio shows £10K in cash value .Yippee.
Of course this is without ascribed values to Metro Baltic & BSP .plus a few other miscreants .
Aortech   2K & 1K the following ;

US Shares

The race upwards by Kodal & Muppet has been the main cause .Both seem to be with added risk .So profiteering on the way ,is a reflective must. Both Boards should be highly praised on the turnaround affected thus far .An ongoing process we hope .

New records on the market continue.Still not reached the 2400 S&P target .
Expect the trend to continue ,upwards for now.
$1200 Gold as anticipated stabilisation and maybe signs of the upward swing here too .
$54 Oil ,also in an uptrend.
Perhaps I should do a Vivienne Leigh Impression..................

Good luck with All Your choices .

    And May

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