Sunday, 1 January 2017

Kodal Minerals 1/1/17

 I have repositioned in Kodal Minerals a portion of my assets .Anticipating a large amount of lithium to be found next year in their land exploration leases.

Kodal is often being referred to and likened to Rare Earth Minerals .
Yes ,there are similarities.
One should be more excited by Kodal as it actually owns the leases , ie 90% .
Unlike REM which held and had options up to 49% .

Another difference is thus far our grades achieved have been slightly lower than REM /Bacanora.
There is of course time for that to change going forward .

The Birimian buy in will give us a lot more data .
Plus of course the actual core results due by the end of january 2017.

Results are everything ,speculation is for free .

   And May


 BGS now values KOD at 1.4p .That is IF our grades are as good As those of Birimian Ltd .
Time will reveal .

  Good luck All

      And May


 A spectacular bounce back post placing price bodes exceptionally well for all holders of Kodal Minerals .Which Includes myself.
 The market never ceases .But,to amaze .

  And May


Kodal Minerals a personal summation :

  As I originally bought in here at  0.045p .Yes luckily they cost me that little .I managed to make a nice profit on the first spike to 0.2 . Having sold entirely at that price I rejoined this minnow at 0.1 fully expecting good results from our acreage in Mali .
 Now at 0.3 and ever increasing we are on an almost free ride (A rare thing for me).
What is my opinion HOLD for the results that are due by the end of January .
That was always the plan and will remain in force until fruition.
Targets I shall sell another tranche at 0.62 ( I Hope).
The final tranch will be at above a penny .Although I may retain some for old times sake (re -Magellan).
Does getting attached to the share hinder profit ? Sometimes yes It does one gets far too attached to the story and not the profit .Emotion doesn`t pay the Bills .
Hoping for nice grades and an upswing to continue .
Good luck All whom have joined this vastly over -discussed share .

   And May

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