Saturday, 5 November 2016

Investor or Trader ?

It`s an interesting conundrum ,when to withdraw cash profit / loss from your Investment/trade .
Few of you will remember they May Flash Crash 2010 . A costly exercise for me that taught a lesson on market making  spreads and the lack of availability of being able to sell/buy .
Since then I have only touched on leveraged shares as a way of upside /downside .
One astute move into TNA "small caps",which was very lucrative and more than trebled and a small investment into 3GOL , which was about even .
Investing is about big decisions and sticking to your targets .I promised myself that one day when I have made the portfolio up at 20K .I will buy back into the leveraged market . There are many 3X shares available to choose from .mainly material or index trackers in The UK . But , the options in the US are pretty endless .
Until that time , sticking to shares is danger enough for boosting my understanding .
For the record . I have three shares in negative territory .This week`s biggest downdraft has been Rurelec ,now -24% .
Aortech -23%
Pathfinder - 21%.
Have we a limit on the downside ?
No ,either is liable for game changing news .That is why we invest in them .

Having only one safety share ie Trinity Capital ,being in the wind up process .This was different and we have targets upside/downside .When to sell .Luckily now not applicable after the latest news .

That PORTFOLIO  by value order ;

   Trinity Capital

We hope to be somewhere near the desired target By Christmas 2016 .Though the best laid plans etc .

The Market has become volatile due to the US elections .It`s evidently going to be close .Whomever it is the bull run to 2034 remains in place .
Good luck On your investments and happy trading .

       And May


Democrat versus Republican presidents in History
Regardless of who you’re cheering for in November, history clearly demonstrates that the financial markets perform better under Democrats than Republicans.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that Democrats are better for the markets – after all, presidents spend a considerable amount of time dealing with decisions of previous administrations.
But it is a historical fact that must be taken into consideration.
Since 1900, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has enjoyed an average annualized return of 7% under Democratic leaders versus only 3% under Republicans. Democratic presidents Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton enjoyed significantly higher returns.
A separate study of the S&P 500 since 1929 reveals a similar pattern: average annualised returns during four-year Democratic terms is 10.83%, compared to a meagre 1.71% under Republicans.
Traders are definitely aware of this phenomenon, and could use it as another reason to cheer on Clinton in November.

And May

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