Sunday, 30 October 2016

Happy Christmas Mr Investor 30/10/2016

Looks like I am a bit behind the shops and tv advertising this year .Apologies for the tardiness.

The question is , what next for the market ????

Does the bull run continue until 2034 in a straight line or is it higgledy piggledy.

Well nine years post 2008 ,It has definitely been the latter .

Only eighteen years to go to the next expected major turn down ,give or take two years

Luckily the list of shares on the want list has narrowed down slightly . As I suppose is to be expected over the quantity of time we have been enjoying the post crash rally .
There are still quite a few that should not be missed .Thus for now we remain a total stockholder. With no cash or gold to speak of.
That of course will change in the next period of eight years .As we begin the preparation for safety.
Slowly, slowly

Having made it to the plus 10K mark ,It seems a bit of stabilisation of the portfolio has naturally occurred. We await hopefully for the next jump up to realign our Investments ,which are :

Trinity Capital
Clear Leisure

We have kept under the allotted ten ,with a lot of  struggling .As we don`t count the off market shares . Five remain in the negative ,whilst the positive ones .Are very positive .Especially Magellan & NuOg .
Upwards and onwards .
Addendum I may be over-stretching myself on Churchill .As I cannot see It disappointing re-Oxus/Rurelec . Third time lucky perhaps ?

Good luck with your Investments .

It takes a lot of study to be in the 10% & A little luck .

            And May

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