Saturday, 12 November 2016

Making YOU Money 12/11/16

The Bull run continues.
Having last week spent several hours on determining actual values of companies and indexes.
One can ascertain that stocks , ie the S&P and others are still reasonably priced at 2.9 book value .
Aiming for 2034 still remains in tact .
Short term fluctuations are to be expected.The faces change . But the game remains the same ......
Materials on the other hand are cheap gold/silver/oil are bottoming out in preparation for the ten year investor .Above $100/$15 for gold/silver and above $40 oil seems to me to be excellent value .

On a personal note ;
  Movement in Aortech International , at long last .
Hopefully a sustained foreteller of the coming months ahead .
Three most safe shares of Trinity Capital ,Cambium Global Timber & Ormonde Mining . I would dearly love to add more .
Churchill /Rurelec / NuOg /Pathfinder I shall continue to hold until the news comes to fruition .Either could be a winner/loser .

    And May

For the Record ;
Aor -5%
Rur -11%
Trc +94%
Chl - 1%
NuOG +437%
Orm -18%
Tree +14%
PFP -21%
Avn -5%
Mpet -8%

We have a few unlisted / Massive spread or  hard to trade shares too

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