Saturday, 3 September 2016

Weekly Update Mr Investor & Kodal Minerals 03/09/16

Well , well .You wait for a breakout & several turn up at once .
Most confusing thing of this week was Black Sea Property Plc , one minute you have an £700,000 MCap .
Then all of a sudden Whoosh & It`s valued at £4.5 million .

Kodal Minerals has done us proud & shot up exponential per cent & the momentum bodes well that there is good news behind this rise. Despite placings bound to come on the way .
Will it strike it rich ? Well worth a small punt or medium size coracle . Whatever floats your boat ,pardon the puns .

Rurelec , SIPP , Alba & GLR have interesting patterns and may well be worth following in the coming weeks.

Most importantly , Churchill has regained it`s poise and it is September . Could be a GIANT clue . One hopes .

Magellan Petroleum has been re-entered at $5.80 . After making us proud and elasticizing the portfolio by several punts .it would be rude not to be in . Plus it is still undervalued . My estimate is $10 per share as fair dinkum .On current news.

Aortech .Plaza , ECR & Herencia make up the rest of a bad bunch .

Could be we have hit the magic 10k .With MET, LED & 2 others to be announced .

The market edges upwards .
Watching gold/silver closely for breakout to the down/upside . One favours the latter .

  And May

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