Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sigmaroc & Other Investments Mr Investor 20/08/16

As the portfolio is doing so nicely . Next target 10K . We have managed to elongate and be profligate by extruding to new lengths .
Currently on market Aortech , Churchill & Plaza .
Additions SRC ,RUR & PFP .
The last two we have visited and kept in touch with their stories over the years pretty closely .The only newbie in the bunch is Sigmaroc .A newly listed IPO through the old MES (and yes they were a MESS indeed and action ) .
Excitement is brewing currently in SigmaRoc .
As with a lot of newly formed companies BIG names are onboard . A sure sign momentum and more importantly the share price will increase exponentially over the coming weeks and months .
An initial target of 0.8p seems very logical and more than possible .
The most exciting event ever occurs on Wednesday to see how the profit in Black Sea accumulates . Could it be another SigmaRoc whom knows?
Metro Baltic still awaits in the wings , with one or two other possibles .
Remember Michael .I never said sell this one. Unlike PAL which was always a short term in & out .
On a different note UKOG will come good .1.6p Today will look cheap over the coming years.
From small acorns , As a now real investor and not having to borrow to invest ,
We now sit pretty in profit . The account is today at 7K .Plus expected 5K to add .
Theoretical 10K profit thus far ,as 2K is still owned by my Investor .
Theory doesn`t always lead to precise result .
Although as of today have checked my dealing history costs £11,280 since april 2009 . To that you can add a certain amount for spread charges Let`s approximate £3000 . Plus losses from CFD trading of £3000 .
That`s a GRAND  total of £17,280 in Brokers pockets .

As for myself , we have accumulated
What is in my account £6890 add  £365 is the exact amount of profit .Thus far achieved.
Upcoming BKSA , MET etc to add & one or two other unhopefuls.
The quest for more continues .................

Patience pays .

     And May

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