Wednesday, 7 September 2016

My Broker cost me Money

It`s not the first time ,that I have lost more than £700 through non execution of trades .
In fact it`s the second.

What were the excuses .

Something about 30% spread , which is odd because I have dealt with shares that have had a thousand per cent spread .

Also that there is only one market maker for some shares , which one would have thought is by the by and just execute the order that was placed at whatever price .
No . It seems the Broker has the power to not even execute your trade ,even when it was accepted .

Just another instance of how the Market is stacked against the little guy .

Is it fraud ? In my eyes Yes .
But , It seems in the UK the Broker has the power . So , It would be wise to remember . Yet another huge hurdle to stop the Investor from making profit .

Yes, the share was OPP/Origo Partners the day it was relisted . My order at 8.00.32 ,when the price was equal or less than 1p .
By 8.15 .Of course it was too late and it had trebled .

What with this and with certain stocks that they will not let you even buy .
It`s a timely reminder that the deck is well stacked against us and needs improvement .

    And May

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