Sunday, 25 September 2016

Clear Leisure Updated 25/09/16

It`s been a long road , until it seems Mr Gardin & our fresh faced new board .At last seems to have us on the road to recouping some value for these expensive assets .

  Sold Anitak              E 900,00
          Ascend Capital E 60,000

Up for sale

          Mediapolis                       E 18,000,000
          Sipiem                              E   6,000,000
          Geosim                             E      200,000
          ORH Spa                          E  6,000,000
          So Sushi /You Can           E  4,000,000
          Bibop                                E  2,000,000

Current valuation  Estimate                      E 36,200,000 or £ 31,347,000.
OR 1100% Upside

Less debt of approximately £16.35 millon in Bonds
Company actual valuation of £15 million .
OR 550% Upside Net ............

Of course, some of these assets are court cases and the valuations are ascribed to what one would expect from a court case reasonable best case outcome .
From sweating on loan note holders to having the Banks invest is quite a step forward .
Well done thus far Mr Gardin & Co .

                    And May

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