Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Churchill Mining ,Risk Reward

As I have stipulated many times to all whom follow my investments.
Never , I repeat never invest more than 33% of your portfolio in one share .You are not Warren Buffet or perhaps the CEO/CFO of the company.
There are two ex investors I personally know .Because of this mistake .
Have lost oodles of money.

Now , Of Churchill and Mr Quinlivan ;
What we know through Our past investments the reward if gained from the ICSID Arbitration will be average 28% of our claim .That at current levels should be £200 million we I estimate at 4X current 30p level , ie £1.20 per share less expenses and options , ie £1.10 per share .
OR , option 2 result Nil pounds or 0p per share .

Caution is for the smart investor .
Bravado is for the pauper.

Remember to ask yourself ,how confident are you ?

  And May

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