Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Black Sea Property to the ISDX on 31/08/16

What the hell is going on at Black Sea ?
Seems like a case of total incompotence .
Surely Mr Borelli & Co have worked closely with the Aim Authorities several times before , why the mismanagement this time ? How hard can it be to follow the rules , which are lax at best and almost negligable at best .
Come on Borelli . Get it sorted and use your noggin next time .
One can only wonder at what these Directors will achieve next . One can only resign oneself as a shareholder , that they will not be winning the business of the year award .

   And May
March 4 2016

Result of Extraordinary General Meeting 

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company held at 10.00 a.m. this morning, in accordance with the recommendation of the Directors, Resolution 2 put to the Shareholders of the Company (for the continuation of the Company as an investing company) was duly passed. Resolution 1 (for the winding up of the Company which was not recommended by the Directors) was not approved.
The Directors will therefore continue to maintain the Company as an investing company seeking property investment opportunities in accordance with the Company's Investing Policy as set out in the circular to Shareholders dated 9th February 2016 to acquire suitable real estate investments in Bulgaria. The Directors also intend to resolve the Jersey regulatory breach and to obtain an alternative listing of the Shares to enable Shareholders to trade their Shares on a public market as soon as practicable.
For further information please contact:
The Black Sea Property Fund Limited
Alex Borrelli, Chairman         +44 (0)7747 020600
Perhaps there is some hope of these directors yet .
Don`t hold your breath .
And May


Black Sea Revalued 16/06/15

The spread on this one is enormous . It must be great being a broker .
That said even at 1.4p , this looks great value .For me there is at least 2.1p to be had on realisation of assets , perhaps even more .
  Thus , this a safe haven whilst the market drop continues. The only trouble being once you`re in , you`re in for the term . A lookalike of old Carpathian / Adams . Thus good news will be ahead as the realisation process comes toward conclusion .
  My personal estimate comes to over 4.2p per share ,accountants tend to be a little imaginative with figures


Continued .....

Vietnamese investor takes up a Quarter of the shares at 1.35p .
No smoke without fire . Expectation of an imminent reverse takeover .
Do NOT Miss this golden opportunity .

   And  May

John Chapman and Stephen Coe
                           Thankyou xx


Correct again . Hooray .
 Now we can hold that residual , post 1.1p payout and aim for the moon .
   Good luck all @ Sea

15 july 2015

  Now we have Mamferay`s actual valuation £3.1 to £3.4 million
   When we re-list this should be quite aggressively bought up to 1.2p per share .
     Good luck all involved

16 july
  Now valuation completed expect 2p per share as known valuation when relisted .
As I surmise that 41% is equal to £1.8 million .
Post listing the value may go up or down , dependent on news flow and what the investments are .

   Good luck all @ Sea

                THE NEW SAGA BEGINS .............................


It`s been a long and crooked path .Being quite a substantial shareholder in this small . But long lived underperforming share has been interesting. If not highly profitable .
As we wait with bated breath the ISDX relist .
One expects a valuation of £800 to £2400 for one`s shares .
Will let you know later , which end of the spectrum we achieve.

      And May

Black Sea Property plc
Well it`s all very confusing a Market Cap of £4.5 million .
Not quite sure as to the actual share price though .Possibly 1.258 euro cents .or 0.125 ???
All very illuminating not .
By the way. On day one the MCAP showed   £0.1million ALL day.
Brokers and Market Makers are a law apart , No matter what the Index .

And May

Well we have traded down past the statutory 44% ,the future should be good from here ,if you can buy on ISDX .
This has turned into a long term hold. Then again that was always going to be the case for Joy .

    And May

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