Saturday, 16 January 2016

Oil has it peaked ? From a historical perspective .16/01/16

At long last back to $30 a barrel of oil .What does history provide us with .
For very long term investors , it`s a good price today .
Population growth /lack of new large discoveries .

For less long term biased , as a rule the new normal is 2.5x the old average .
Which brings us to $25 .
Therefore $25 is the magic number will shall be piling in .
Of course this also relates to Natural gas & crude .


Gold I have oft expressed that gold will dip under $1000 .
Thus far ,that $1000 line is holding .It will break ,
Albeit not by much ,extraction /discoveries are the limiters.

For your pension pot ,if you retire beyond 2025 .
All commodities look good value .
Especially accounting for the population story .


Stock markets are not cheap .
Then again at today`s valuation 1880 .
One would counter this as median valuation .
On the long term bull run , that continues until approximately 2034 .

And May

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