Friday, 22 January 2016

Rebounds and other Incidentals 23/01/16

Well  ,well , oil didn`t make the $25 target .
But, I was a lot closer than The Bloker whom called $10 .
All commodities are good value ( longer term ) . 
Gold etc should perform at a nice 9 % per annum .From Today
OIL "At long last back to $30". Courtesy last week`s blog .

The bull run continues ,after a near 25% correction achieved " nice headlines for Joe Publc ".
Always keep some powder dry for these opportunities . 

"More important, the index has almost never recorded a loss during these subsequent months," he continued. "As a result, this is one data point that we believe reinforces our view that S&P 500 levels could rise by double-digits in percentage terms from current levels between now and year-end." Belski

  . From Mr Belski whom I had never heard of last week .
They always turn up after the fact .

Advice is far too freely absconded online .
Personally . Aortech looks very promising & Churchill .
Our hit or Miss share holds well @ 20p

Have a great week 

And May

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