Sunday, 10 January 2016

Making YOU Money 10/01/16

What an amazing start to the new year .Oil crashes through the $38 .New bottom estimate of $31 BC anticpated .
Gold attempts a little push up at $1000 to £1100 .Keeping a close eye on commodities at present a buy point and inflexion is approaching us all .If you have cash available get it into commodities today .
China crisis continues (Ha Ha). , growth at 6-7% . Thus the US has been in crisis since the 60`s .

Therefore the bull run continues , albeit last year`s No Change for the S&P, this year should see a return of impetus to all prices . DO NOT miss out . BE GREEDY etc

My shares ;

   Churchill Mining                 25 %
   Aortech International           25 %
   LED International                15 %
   Clear Leisure                       15 %
   Black Sea Property Fund     10 %
   Others                                   10%

  Your portfolio :

                           Bexmico Pharma 19p                                
                          Infrastrucure India 22p                              
                          CEPS Plc 52p                                            
                          MTI Wirelss Edge 12p                              
                          Churchill Mining 32p                                
                          Ashley House  7.75p                                  
                          Atlantis Resources 47p                              
                          ACHL 8.5p                                                  
                          HAYD 67p                                                
                          JLP 2p                                                        
                          Stem Cells Inc @ $0.5
                          Macrocure @ $2
                          CLP @ 0.9p
                          TIDE @ 4.1p
                          TRP  @ 0.11p
                          RGM @0.6p
                          AOR @ 29p
                          AURR @ 11p
                          AMBR @ 5.25p  added 26/01/16
  You will have noted I have added another of mine to your list as confidence increases .
We are holding onto these until jan 1 next year .

     Good luck

        And May



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