Thursday, 7 January 2016

Oxus lose ,Metal Tech win . Churchill Mining and why I`m reasonably confident of success.08/01/16

We respectfully offer to purchase from you all of your Metal-Tech Shares at US$0.5064 (£0.321, according to the representative exchange rate on August 28, 2012) per share. We believe that this is a good opportunity to achieve liquidity for all of your Metal-Tech Shares due to the fact that the tender offer price is higher by approximately (i) 341% than £0.094, the average of the closing prices of the Metal-Tech Shares on the AIM over the 60 trading days ending on August 6, 2012, which was the last business day before the Company's announcement of the SSA and the Offeror's request to convene an extraordinary shareholders meeting to approve the delisting of Metal-Tech from the AIM, and (ii) 428% than £0.075, the average of the closing prices of the Metal-Tech Shares on the AIM over the 12-month period between August 1, 2011 and August 6, 2012.
We are writing to you to explain the background to and reasons for the Offer and why we believe that you should accept the Offer. This letter, together with the conditions and further terms set out in Part 2 and in the Tender Form(for holders of Metal-Tech Shares in certificated form) or DI Form (for holders of Metal-Tech Shares as Depository Interests), as applicable, contain the formal Offer for the Metal-Tech Shares.

I must lose more often.

Good luck


Let`s all hope the amount of posters on Churchill remain at the reasonably low level maintained thus  far .
Quite a portion of Churchill`s shares are owned directly by directors , a huge plus point and what it has in common with the other successful courtroom dramas past .
We still have the same owner David Quinlivan taking Churchill through this testing court process .
ICSID is of course way more transparent a process than "the others that are of avail".
We should know the outcome before May this year ,good luck all involved .
Of course David has neen quite vociferous in his defence of the company and you can see him online @
Although the questioners need replacing .He gives a solid performance and no dyed hair ( a result) .

        And May

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