Sunday, 26 April 2015

Investors report 26/04/15 What the Sopheon is going on ?

  Sopheon after losing many investors shirts seems to be re-writing the rules after the share division from hell . x2
  Delisting from Euronext seems to have made this company extremely popular and the odd BOD buy and some other interlopers . 35p -78 .The trend is our friend and I may re-consider selling some at £1.40 , still under £10million MCAP .
  Good news will only add to momentum now achieved and likely to be maintained for quite a while yet . With so few shares in issue , watching this fly is highly entertaining , this trend will no doubt continue at least to May 6 . The we shall have to reassess  our position , as it now stands at over 15% of the portfolio .

   25% LED
   25% CLP
   15% SPE
   10% OXS
   25% Others

             And May


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