Saturday, 2 May 2015

Investors Report May 2015

   25% LED
   25% CLP
   20% OXS
   10% SPE
   10% PFP
   5 % SORB
   5% Others

    The waiting game goes on .

      LED a very undervalued company , only if promised targets are met ,of course . One will add Sopheon to the same ilk .
      CLP Alfredo`s brainspark is still searching for real direction . Is it now a real estste company ? Nilesh needs to get Alf to focus . Sorting out the mess that is Mediaopolis should be the priority . But , is it ? Alfredo seems to have a fifteen string guitar , let`s hope it doesn`t turn into a harp .
      OXS the result is now well overdue . I still expect an offer from some third party for this company very soon . Remember Zeromax owns 50% , so this is a win win for the Uzbeks aka Metal Tech .
      PFP The General & Co , may soon be coming back into the fold . Albeit at a high price .
      SORB I expect to be an LED mark 2 . Good luck all the brave and foolhardy .

         Long the euro , what a great call at 1.05 per USD . Lond oil/ brent at $57 . Will gold go beneath £1000 . Time will tell .
         The bull run continues 

                          And May


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