Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mosman Oil ( An Investor`s tale )

Well, well .
   Having first bought at 38p , post first discovery .One can be pretty distraught in seeing the share price fall to 20p . Luckily having read through the RNS`s thoroughly , one had confidence there would be another discovery . So far so good. 20p the point in which I doubled the investment .
  At around 35p , a good buy in point still one can see more excitement to come . New Zealand , seems to be awash with nice oil . Especially our acreage .
  Personally I am not over enamoured with the BOD spending out on offshore assets in Australia . Although they may have value . Offshore , is another kettle of fish and I shall keep a very close eye on the costings to come .
  For now all is hunky dory in Mossy world . One to reasses when flow rates are exposed . Two discoveries  more to follow .
  Holding on for now .

 Crestal was a bit of a corker . Soon be up to 70p+ , when flow rates are announced . Expected to be pretty good aka 
New Zealand Energy Corp . 47 API ?
 Mr M as usual , will dislodge a few short term nannies ( yes, he does play for United ) .

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