Friday, 4 July 2014

Cyan , The great underperformer .

  It`s been a long time . One of my first investments and 2009 was fun and full of promise . Now , here we are again and it`s almost 2015.
 At 1/2p this share must be the best share to own in this current market . India orders at long last seem to be coming through , well done John and team .
 Kenn`s dream of a multi-million pound wireless company may not have been an idle one after all . The next few RNS`s will inform the world , That Cyan is the next big thing and it`s on the way .
 Obviously the road will be full of more up`s and downs . But , from now on one can only imagine upside from here . I shall be adding as many as practicable to my portfolio . After misiing out on QFI .
 Holding well at the 0.5p range at present . Bodes nicely ,good luck all invested in this , one of life`s under achievers so far .

  And May

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