Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Diary of an Investor

Metro Baltic      33     %
Pathfinder          15
Oxus                  15
Hotel Corp         15
Black Sea          7
LED                    7
Iafyds                 5

  The good news is in the offing ?  Perhaps . At least the trading looks positive on most of the above .
Stability for Oxus and Pathfinder continue .
 A good rise and nice returns from BKSA and especially HCP , though the news has not yet been revealed on the latter .Heading nicely to the new windows target .
 Metro Baltic our most trusted and best performing share , continues to be an abnormal size in the portfolio . Good luck Ronan and the legal team on the ongoing negotiations and court case against our former advisors . Barnaby C Stueck and team have played a blinder thus far . Let`s be clinical and finsh them off with a flourish .
 There are still a few shares on the horizon , to which I have beady eyes fixed . These I will let you know , in the fullness of time .

  The markets , gold nice little surge above $1300 . Of interest one notices 66% of aim oilies have lost value this year . Market itself is pretty stable , not much gain or loss this year overall . Personally I am still expecting a little downturn or correction at some point this year .Though it will not be large , this is not 2008/9 .
  So , for you investors whom follow me , caution but not fear should be the buzzword.

               And May


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