Saturday, 12 July 2014

Bbr391 ` s Blog update

Statistical response to a DOWN January

A down January is a bad omen for the stock market. Yale Hirsch of the The Stock Traders Almanac suggests that since 1950, every down January in the S&P500 preceded a new or extended bear market, or in some cases, a flat market. They go on to further suggest that down January’s are followed by substantial declines averaging -13%
The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has returned 24 percent on average in years it’s risen in both January and February, a bullish sign for 2013, according to S&P.
The S&P 500 climbed in both January and February 26 times since 1945, Sam Stovall, S&P’s New York-based chief equity strategist, wrote in a note. All 26 years ended with positive returns when including dividends, the data show.

Always nice to start with a bit of history , innit.

  Now we have rationalised the portfolio , yet again this month . Back down to six main shares . As of today they are ;
Metro Baltic , HCP , PFP, BKSA , Cyan & MSMN .
Overall profit 266.53% since inception .
Quite a few others have been realised and I await fresh funding , almost like LED .That is expected for me ( not LED ) , later this month .They have already has theirs.

 Of interest , the sell-off on MSMN , post more oil , Mr M has ways of transporting money from the impatient . Stick to your guns . We should be at 75p and not 28p .
 HCP and the expected takeover and Ronan and the team`s July 26 statement of affairs .

 I have managed to keep pretty well to the 10 or less shares target over time . So my trading/investing is improving .Albeit slowly .

     And May

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