Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bbr391 ` s Blog update 19/07

July 19 , 2014

   Our date with destiny and some sort of information as to the Distribution of assets . Good luck all those involved in Metro Baltic Horizons . Expectations of Ronan are rightly sky high .
  Hotel Corp , the 31st should be a revelation to savour . Besides that , Oxus time is almost upon us .

    Hotel                 15%
    LED                  12
    Black Sea            8
    Trinity                  8
    IIP                     10
    Met                    30
    Others                15

  Re-funding completed on friday ,which turned out to be a little less than hoped and was pretty costly . Que sera .
 The main share I would have like to invested in , I was unable to buy , thanks Mr M . As usual the rules are balanced in his and not our favour . Things rarely change .
 Special thanks to Wing Bun Chan , promotion is the way to profit . Indeed .

 Gold holds $1300 quite well . Still not a buyer . But , keeping a beady eye on it`s progress .
 Down January , has so far held pretty true . Year`s end will reveal more .

 Exciting times ahead ,

    And May


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