Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rurelec ( post arbitration perspective ).

  After achieving quite a reasonable result , the share has been  tanked . Why the 50% drop ?
One can suspect many reasons and one has an attributable party named today . The shuffling of  the pack by the parent company continues in order to square a lot of circles . One can understand the market using this lack of clarity as an opportunity to pick up the shares of those with short attention spans ( ie most investors / traders ).
  With cash in hand and an expected small dividend ,before this year is out , the future is very bright . Now the company has attained a services to direct ownership branding again . Profits will return albeit slowly , as we all know Peter is not shy of picking up assets in weird and wonderful places .
  The only blot on the horizon is Argentina , although they are not in Bolivia`s position ( ie cash rich ) and Rurelec have only 1/3 of their assets based there . Unlike the Bolivian debacle.
  Cash will be paid within three months , governments are notoriously long winded at paying up . Rules must be followed etc. This , the oncoming listing in Chile/ Peru will no doubt eventually drive the price back up to real asset value , given time. Patience your premium resource , as usual has been tested and no doubt , a lot will fail this test .
  The result of arbitration was pretty fair and equal to the norm . Not a spectacular just average , 28% is no mean feat by the legal team . Congratulations Mr Blackaby et al .
  End of year 25.2p seems a tad optimistic at this point .But , market whim and sentiment are odd bed-fellows and are very unreliable , to say the least.

  Good luck all holders , of which I remain one .
    And may your Prophet go with you ,

              BBr391/ Gold or Silver

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