Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sacoil , the next africa oil ?

  Maybe I should stick to oil shares after all . What with this and my pet project ( oil in the ground shares , I should add ) . Neither seems to like drilling holes.
  Well, as I gave the Sac an intrinsic valuation of 2.5p , seems I was reasonably correct . We are now nicely into the stratosphere .There are many reasons to hold on for the fun ahead. not least the albertine grabben play ,which having studied I am extremely sweet on . One feels this company has far too many differing plays in it`s barrel , forgive the pun.
 With investors and directors willing to stump up quite a sum of cash and administration almost behind us . the future looks bright , having a more representative BOD will also help . Five differing plots , with Nigeria being an almost certain good oil target , will eventually make us of interest to the market , the the fun and games will really begin.
 Long term holder , I think you will do well . Short term spikes are us.Of course, I narrowed my exposure at 2.5p . But , still hold a nice chunk of shares for the expected Total oil strike ahead.

 Good luck all and may your Prophet



2 blocks Nigeria               OPL 281 and OPL 233             20% in each
3 blocks Botswana           123,124,125                     70% in each
1 block DRCongo            Block III                           12.5%
1 block Malawi                Block 1                             100 %

 Investor clamour for shares , PIC ( south african pension fund ) Gairloch ( Implaccable ) & now we have
Mozambique funders sniffing our scent .
 It all adds up to suspicious dealings re friday 28/02/14 , £100,000 buy . One assumes with enough to drill at least 5 wells and free carries in DRC , good times are just around the corner .
 Can we reach the IPO of 20.8p ? Looking at SOCO International share price upswing one can assume so .
Plus Heritage Oil too .
  Other big players CNOOC , Tullow & Total .

   Good luck all and may your Prophet

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