Saturday, 1 February 2014

Rurelec £24.9 million 2014

  What a story . The excitement is over , or has it just begun ? Being the only source whom got near to the actual figure . I surmised £40 million , Am I disappointed ? No . Here are the reasons why .
  A victory is a victory and $41 million dollars , not pounds , is a pretty good sum . Knowing myself pretty well , I usually over-estimate the arbitration sum . But , under-estimate a company`s NAV .
  Therefore we can extrapolate that the figure per share , will continuously rise over a period , unlike the short sharp shocks of Metro Baltic or Metal Tech .
  17.5% of claim is the usual victory amount . Remember to bear that in mind for the future. Arbitration panels are pretty consistent and like myself bbr391/ Gold or Silver ,they all  use a historical guide to come up with their results .
  Our 28% success , Is just between the extra normally accounted for the smaller company and the usual 33% ( victory ) that the smallest companies can expect . We have actually been treated as a small to medium company , which , at present is adroitly appropriate.
  Now , what of the future . As my estimated NAV on January 1 , was around 24p , about double what it actually was ( ie 12p  ) . One will stick to the end of year target , 8% less than 26p , original 26p target . Mr Market has played a blinder , our erstwhile impatient investors will soon be gone . Do not be fooled by his antics . The drop and rise predicted by you know who ,on the final day ,was predicted too . The future is exceptionally bright for Rurelec .With oncoming projects , a return to profitability , Peter Earl is aiming long and he deserves to be followed on the journey .
  Conclusion , buckle up boys and girls , a long slow journey to a medium sized electrical conglomerate has just begun .  Everyone deserves a second chance and Rurelec`s begins  on monday , february 3rd , 2014 .
  Next on the agenda , well you all know that . If you read my blog . Congratulations to all involved in what was a fair and just result .

 I almost forgot , Birdsong Overseas and whom does it relate to ? This is a very interesting one and I shall not give you an actual answer . Suffice to say , if you all knew , you`d have been buying more shares in where I intend to move some funds pretty soon.
 4% interest , compounded daily , is roughly equivalent to 4.08% per annum .


Rurelec & Subsidiaries

IPC                                    cash £4million
Birdsong Overseas              cash £10million
Rurelec Group                     cash £6 + £8 = £14 million .
Total                                    cash £28 million

Argentina   NAV   £50 million
Rurelec project finance NAV £10 million
Rurelec power services NAV £0
Chile NAV £15 million
Peru NAV £4 million
Bangladesh NAV £5 million
Ghana NAV £1 million

Group Overall Estimated value £113 million post arbitration
   Expect volatility the next few days ahead , this could be the first time in history a victory will lead to a cheaper share price . If you have the funds available , an opportunity awaits . Plus overall market sentiment at present is downwards , which will no doubt aid his cause celebre .
 Mr M . one assumes will drop and then like a phoenix rise from the flames . When you least expect it .
   Hold on tight , profitability , is just around the corner .
When & will the Bolivians pay ?
     Government`s are notoriously slow , expect the cash in our bank within two months.
Will they pay  ? of course , no country wants it`s  bonds to rise . Every country needs foreign investment (even Mr Morales ).

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