Sunday, 30 June 2013

Metro Baltic Thorough Examination Expose

The Claim ,

      £ 27.1 million + current value £5.1 million = £32.2 million

That makes a possible £1.247 p / per share.

     Reality is 20% of claim or £5.42 million + current value £5.1 million = 42.62p per share .

    Remember , this is with a courtroom drama victory .With Barnaby onside a distinct probability.
Brendan , Ronan & Sir P ,are a great team .
    Why delist ?
   One assumes this is so the BOD can pay us back some , and invest in the company , without as much scrutiny ,ie going private. Plus the cost consideration .

   Garrett Kelleher heads up Shelbourne Developments, which is exposed to Dolmen as landlord of the landmark headquarters of the brokers at 75 St Stephen's Green, Dublin. Mr Kelleher is also a €5m investor in Dolmen's fund Metro Baltic, where Dermot Desmond has also taken a €5m stake.

  Exciting days ahead .
        Good luck with your investment

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