Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mother of all Bull Markets

               Rurelec                                          20 %
               Churchill Mining                             10 %
               Metro Baltic                                   24 %
               Oxus                                              29 %
               HCP                                              10 %

Let the good times roll ,
      As we expect the market to continue is upward trajectory to the end of the year .7200 remains apt , despite Goldman Sachs recommending only 7100.
     Personally work seems to be continuing it`s upward trend , identifying my theorem quite nicely . Opportunities are here there and everywhere. Here comes the discipline bit ,sticking to what has served you well . Legal cases .But, which to add more funds too ? Decisions , decisions .
     I have not forgotten that new share I promised a while back , beady eyes are still on it reconnoitring .

 Happy trading and may your Prophet go with you .


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