Saturday, 29 June 2013

Portfolio update 29 June 2013

               Rurelec                                          20 %
               Churchill Mining                             10 %
               Metro Baltic                                   24 %
               Oxus                                              29 %
               HCP                                              10 %

    As you can see , the extra cash was plugged into the Oxus hole . Nine months and counting ,  ie february 2014 . earlier than I anticipated .Now we see why the positions have been taken. Hoping for a nice gentle rise up to and hopefully beyond 11.2p .
    Monday will be a cracker.#
     News due within four months and an uplift of nice proport
     Our really wild share , hold on for dramatic swings and roundabouts.
     Feeding frenzy ,taking shape nicely. One can see the whales circling .

           The main market .

                Still anticipating a rise up to 7200 on the FTSE .
Will gold go with us .Friday gave an inkling that it is possible , for both to rise simultaneously . Though I decided against silver  ,even at $18.80 dollars.

   Happy trading and may your Prophet go with you


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