Saturday, 13 April 2013

Portfolio allocation ,date 13 / 04 / 13

               Rurelec                                          38 %
               Churchill Mining                             20 %
               Metro Baltic                                   20 %
               Oxus                                              14 %
               Sacoil                                               4 %
               Alba                                                 4 %

  Another week and a slight increase in portfolio value , mainly thanks to MET . Many positive signs on all shares ,except for CHL , which seems to be re-testing a low point ,one hopes .
  And , of course the bottom two , which are my highly speculative shares .

  A market tumble in gold has been noted ,this will ensure your stocks will keep gaining over the medium term .
  If history itself repeats the expected correction of sorts will be january to march 2014 . That`s when our 4.4 year rule becomes applicable .
  As for gold ,the fall will continue expect it to come down to low $1400`s . That would be a good buying investment opportunity . For the long term case for gold still holds water .Especially whilst money printing is still pretty much in fashion.

     Happy trading.

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