Sunday, 7 April 2013

Avoid spread betting

 Dear reader ,

      Myself included ,avoid spread betting at all costs . Unless you have a minimum stake of at least £1,000.
You are willing to gamble/lose .
  One caveat to this is individual company shares , which you can successfully spread bet for a lot smaller stake . Although you will find most spread bet companies will not take your stake when you are onto a winner , odd that .
  Spread betting is very much like golf only 10 % are successful at it , the other 90 % , like me .Are not.
BE WARNED . You seldom see a poor bookrunner and even rarer is a poor banker .
  My experience has been that several bets that went the right way after 24 hours , managed to somehow knock out a lower or higher  stop loss , on the way . CFD `s have cost me a good portion of my profit , still I have learnt a lot from the experience .
  Although , being a male and pretty stupid , I am prone to quickly forget my mistakes.

  To put it in proportion for you ,instead of being 50% in profit from dealing stocks . I am only 10 % in profit.
It`s  almost criminal .
  Lesson learnt , until next week .

Happy trading

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