Saturday, 13 April 2013

Metro Baltic Horizons ( discuss )

  Many reasons pointed out that this share was undervalued . You only need to be able to read to come to this conclusion . I remember well my excitement , when I researched it thoroughly back last year .
  As of tomorrow , well at 10p , it is still under cash value . Albeit only a few pence at current value. Of course ,this is without the actual promise of the court case , which may or may not occur . The court case /settlement deal ,will take this up to at least 3x ,perhaps 6x , the current price , ie 10p .It` difficult to price , but my guess has been from 20 to 72p .

 Best wishes to Ronan and Barnaby .Plus others involved in sorting this one out .
  Talking of patience ,shares are very hard on the soul . Sitting on this one has been very difficult . It`s a man thing ,lack of patience . Luckily I am learning , very slowly and sometimes at my own expense . That patience and  research , are our only weapons , in this game of call my bluff . Or poker for the real gamblers and there are many , at heart .
  In my defence ,dealing costs are a major problem , when dealing in such small sums of cash . He says with a £13,000 portfolio .Must learn not to dabble so much ......
  There is another share ,besides this one that is at under cash value . One must get funds in that one before the next couple of months have passed me by . Will keep it under wraps until then .

  Happy trading

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