Saturday, 27 April 2013


   The week of little change           

               Rurelec                                          30 %
               Churchill Mining                             24 %
               Metro Baltic                                    24 %
               Oxus                                               14 %
               Sacoil                                               4 %
               Alba                                                  4 %

 Interestingly silver dips just below $23 ,ie $22.96 .
  As for the market as a whole expect little movement over the summer ,between 6000 to 6500 and then an upswing near the year end .

  Rurelec is performing very nicely ,lots more expected in the future for this one .Hold
  Churchill ,the yo-yo share. Having re-read available material ,a good result seems quite plausible .Hold
  Metro Baltic ,is a screaming buy ,hopefully more information from the Chairman will be upon us soon.
  Oxus , a long way to go to countdown and looking very good value at today`s price . Buy

  As for my other shares ,stability reigns .

  Happy trading all 

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