Friday, 3 May 2013

FTSE 7000 ( end of 2013 ).

The week of little change           

               Rurelec                                          30 %
               Churchill Mining                             24 %
               Metro Baltic                                   24 %
               Oxus                                              14 %

   Interestingly questioned on medium term materials . I shall come up with this response .
Firstly ,what is medium term ? In my eyes anything from 1 year onwards to 3 years.
Thus, short term is under one year and long term is over 3 years .

  Now materials are very cheap medium term ,asides gold .Which one assumes will tread water , medium term . Silver still has quite a way to catch up , medium term . Or to put in layman`s terms . Hold gold , buy silver .

  Congratulations are in order . A profitable trade completed on gold this week , followed by another that was in profit ,when I went to sleep and woke up to being lost , Mr M is a hard driver . Rule take your profit ( or loss ) , if you are going away from your screen .
 When I can afford a bit more leeway , ie a trade more than £50 . Those days are quite a while off yet , perhaps more backing will be available one day .
 I have three longs still maintaining upward trajectory ,  Two on  Rurelec and one on  Sterling Energy .Both I may be holding for several years it seems .

   Happy trading all .


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