Sunday, 21 April 2013

Portfolio allocation ,date 21 / 04 / 13

               Rurelec                                          30 %
               Churchill Mining                             24 %
               Metro Baltic                                    24 %
               Oxus                                               14 %
               Sacoil                                               4 %
               Alba                                                  4 %

      Interesting fluctuations especially on the commodity front . Are they set to continue ?
 One would presume so as April / May / June . Is usually selling bonanza time . It has not disappointed thus far.Especially on the commodity front .Common sense is go short .Thus , I assume go long at 6100 or thereabouts  .Remember we are expecting 7000+ at the end of the year .
   The portfolio itself is performing very nicely at between 24 & 41 % gain .This year has been a good one thus far .Long may it continue . Moved a little into a nice dividend payer LSR .Risky but good potential.

 Rurelec ,looks to have sealed the upward case and is still very cheap .
 Churchill , my own little basket case ,we will hold and see .
 Metro ,still at under cash value and a  strong buy case remains 
 Oxus , is looking good value at under 2.5p .

          Happy trading

Special mention to competition winner Jack Dawsson .

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