Saturday, 20 May 2017

Spitfire Oil 20/05/2017

This week has been notable by a good rise in the value of Spitfire Oil .
One of our few portfolio minnows. I luckily added more at 5p ( circa ,the original buy price) . Having held since 2015 .
Strangely It is one of few shares that is still under cash value ,somewhat of an AIM rarity .there are very few  others.
I expect the rise to 20p in the next few months ,then drop to 10p aka Sheerwater/ Aurum. Reverse takeover expected etc . Even a merger into Griffin is possible .Mladen Ninkov obviously has plans.

The rest of the portfolio ;
Rex Bionics
Clear Leisure

One or two others including ENVS ,which seems to be finally waking up  & rising.

The market bull run continues unabated.

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